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As a THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this season of the Victoria Park Rink our greatest one yet we’re throwing a “Wrap Up Party” and you’re ALL invited! We were honoured to have people from all ages, skill sets and around the World visit us to skate. From first timers to return visitors and rink regulars, we saw an attendance increase of 400% and welcomed over 4,500 skaters. Join us for cake (courtesy of Malt City), a hot chocolate bar (courtesy of Atlantis Coffee Co.) games, music, face painting by Street Culture Kidz Project and appearances...

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RINK STORIES: Paul & Jacoby

Paul brought Jacoby to Victoria Park rink to try skating for the first time.  Jacoby did very well and since then they have returned to skate again.  Our ambassadors thank Paul and Jacoby for being so thoughtful and fun to visit with and look forward to their next visit...

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RINK STORIES: Phoebe & Family

  Phoebe and her wonderful family have skated previously at Victoria Park rink, and on this particular Sunday afternoon returned with a friend and a donation of multiple pairs of skates.  While in the warming hut and on the ice, they ended up seeing other friends from school who also came for a skate.  Our ambassadors would like to thank Phoebe and her family for their generosity and kindness and for visiting downtown...

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RINK STORIES: Asher & Family

Asher and his family visited Victoria Park rink on a sunny Sunday afternoon in January and he tried skating for the first time.  He was brave, tried his best, never gave up and did very well.  Since then, they have returned to skate again in downtown Regina and Asher continues to get better and better! Here we see Asher with his mom Nikko standing to his right and his aunt Shayna to his left.  Our ambassadors thank Asher and his amazing family for skating at Victoria Park rink and look forward to seeing them...

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RINK STORIES: Kassandra, Mio & Kaitlyn

  Picture (left to right): Kassandra, Mio and Kaitlyn Mio, Kaitlyn and Kassandra had a nice long skate on a beautiful winter day at Victoria Park rink.  Our ambassadors very much enjoyed the visit and thank them for being so thoughtful and appreciative of skating in the scenic park…we look forward to seeing Mio, Kaitlyn and Kassandra the next time they visit downtown...

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