RINK STORIES: Carl & Annabel

Carl and Annabel have been regular visitors to Victoria Park rink since they moved to Regina from the UK five years ago. Here they are with their lovely children Miranda and Theia. Whenever family is visiting from overseas they make sure to bring them to the rink. Thanks for always being so friendly to our Ambassadors and the other...

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RINK STORIES: The McLeod Family

On colder and warmer days this season, the Victoria Park rink in Downtown Regina has had a record numbers of visitors. Our Rink Ambassadors feel very fortunate to have met so many great people in the Warming Hut and on the ice…pictured here is the McLeod...

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Kader has an incredibly joyful and kind hearted spirit. He lives in Paris, France and is passionate about traveling to new places, meeting people and experiencing new things. His latest adventure is traveling across Canada in the Winter. From places like Montreal and Winnipeg, Kader continued West and found himself in Downtown Regina. He was an instant sensation at Victoria Park Rink and our Ambassadors and regular skaters really enjoyed visiting with him. Next thing you know, Kader put skates on for the first time and had a nice long skate. Thank you for visiting the rink and lifting...

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Walking by and being intrigued by the ice (by testing it with their shoes) – Omar (centre) and his friends were invited to try skating for the very first time by RDBID staff member, Kurtis. After a few falls and many laughs, Omar has started returning to the Victoria Park rink daily …getting better and faster every single time.   Their introduction to skating was such a fun experience that CBC Saskatchewan even did a story about...

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RINK STORIES: Etta Cochrane

Visiting the Victoria Park rink with her Mom and Dad – Etta was determined to have fun during her very first time skating.  Using a chair and her arms to balance, she did exceptionally well making her onlooking parents proud.  Whenever she did take the odd tumble, she picked herself back up and assured everyone around her she was all right by yelling “I’M OK!” as loud as she...

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