1863 Scarth St.


2125 11th ave.


1819 Scarth St.


Peonies and Sakura

1868 Scarth St.


The Herald

“This concept was originally created while Regina was in the grips of a relentless winter. Spring seemed so far away. 

I thought of the Canadian goose and how their arrival heralds the spring. Their chorus of honks bring with them the promise of spring and warmer weather.

Included in this artwork is my rendition of the beautiful Saskatchewan scenery. Scenery we can take for granted living in the city. But take a drive through the country and you can see some of the most beautiful terrain around. Colourful fields, expansive blue skies and shining waters.

My concept was to bring spring, summer, colour and life to our downtown—which can be a whole lot of brick and cement. And possibly, this piece can bring a glimmer of hope to viewers during those long winter months.”

1834 Scarth St.


1838 Scarth St.


1856 Scarth St.


1828 scarth st.


Amalgamated and Aware

“As a graphic designer, I’m always aware of colour, shape and texture in everything I see, even in the most basic elements of the urban environment. In Amalgamated and Aware, structures and shapes from around downtown Regina (most within a 5 minute walk of the alley) are constructed to form a sinister robot, emerging from the shadows, looking for trouble.”

1852 scarth st.



“Much of my recent digital artwork has focused on stylizing and simplifying subjects, then arranging these small images to create fun and interesting collections and patterns.

For the Regina Downtown “Alley Door Art” project, I started creating images relating to some of my outdoor experiences in and around Regina.

These illustrations, juxtaposed with other simple symbols inspired by nature and the city have created an interesting, yet easily appreciated composition.”

1842 scarth st.


Living Skies (day)

“Regina Saskatchewan seems to have a quaint reputation for its simplicity and level horizons. But
that isn’t something bad to look down upon — it gives us peaceful nights and clearer minds. Living Skies represents the beauty that we already have in Saskatchewan, and the need to
preserve it for the future.”

1846 scarth st.


Living Skies (night)

1861 scarth st.


Within Eden

My latest work, Within Eden, is an exploration of an imagined space to place the subject in. Like with all my previous works, this is a piece that focuses mainly on technique and trying out a different watercolour style. I tend to have negative spaces in my works and that is with the intent that the viewers will fill in those spaces and in turn resonate with the piece. I continually explore new techniques and medium and try to better myself as an artist and hopefully to showcase what I learned through my future works.

1852 scarth st.


A View Of Wascana

This piece recognizes the hidden beauty of Wascana park during the summer and the wildlife that inhabit it. It showcases the Legislative Building as a familiar landmark, the familiar geese that nest along the lake, and the lively prairie skies behind it all. As a whole, it brings a bit of nature back into the urban neighborhood of downtown Regina.

1822 scarth st.


1822 scarth St. (Fire Escape Door)



In my life, I crave colour, and joy and light.

In the concept for my artwork, I hoped to convey those sensibilities into a piece that would bring those same gifts to the viewer. I wanted something that would stand apart and be noticed while beautifying our city. I wanted something cheerful and bold.

I love my job as a graphic designer. I blossom a bit more as an artist every time I create art for my clients.

I love seeing my work pop-up unexpectedly all over Regina.

I love being a part of the city’s heartbeat. Regina is beautiful – always growing and changing – just like the people who live here.

We blossom and become something new each day.

Like many residents of Regina, my parents moved here before I was born, so to all of us I say: “Bloom, wherever life plants you.”


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