Team Registration - Arctic Abode Competition 2024

Frost@Downtown 2024
Arctic Abode Construction Competition Call for Teams

Team Registrations should be sent via this online form

Any questions can be directed to Kayla Lindgren at

The Design Council of Saskatchewan (DCS) and Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID), is launching an Arctic Abode Construction Competition. This competition will call upon local corporate organizations to construct arctic abodes representing the theme of Warmth through Form.

The teams will build and display their arctic abodes in Victoria Park in Downtown Regina as part of the Frost Festival, January 26 – February 4th, 2024.

This image does not represent the actual size of the Arctic Abode to be constructed.

Design Teams are asked to construct an arctic abode celebrating the concept described above. Proposed installations should consider the following:

Reflection of the competition concept, but with a unique theme to your team
Examples of themes: Colour Scheme, Winter Wonderland, Candy Land, etc. We want you to use your creativity to produce an exciting visual!
Your theme can include coloured ice, use of snow (snow availability will be based on snowfall to date) ice blocks with organic/biodegradable materials for visual interest, carvings in ice blocks, etc.
Additional props are acceptable, but the team is responsible for dissembling and removal prior to abode decommissioning

Audience interaction
Your arctic abode should engage the audience by visuals, tactiles, etc.

Durability in the varying winter weather
Your structure must be at least 50% ice block
Design teams are expected to pre-make the required ice blocks from home, and bring to site the day of activation. The quantity of ice blocks shall be determined by each team dependent on the team’s unique design chosen
Materials may be delivered on Friday, January 26th, 2024.

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