Almost every place I have lived and travelled to has had a distinct fashion or self-expression all its own in the people’s clothing, footwear, accessories, hairstyle, make-up, body art, as well as posture.

When I lived in Italy for many years, the majority of the people around me put a lot of pride and effort into their self-presentation.

One of the things I packed up and brought back from Italy was my favourite pair of Italian black leather boots that I have had for over ten years. I wanted to get them glistening once again.

No better place to take them than the one, the only shoe shine shop in Hotel Saskatchewan!



Mr. Dale Bowes is the owner and sole proprietor (pardon the pun) of Regina’s Shoe Shine shop in the striking modern-classical style architecture and atmosphere at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

I waited while Mr. Bowes worked on another client’s shoes. The two men started a bit of football talk, then talked about how COVID affected them for so long.



When it was my turn, we chatted and he washed, polished and buffed my favourite winter walking boots.

This is what I learned:

Why should I get my shoes/boots polished?

Longer life for the leather, and it looks good.

How often?

Depends how much you wear them, but every week or so.

Where are you located?

The Hotel Saskatchewan at 2125 Victoria Avenue.

What are your hours?

Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

What are the costs?

$8.00 for a shoe shine, $10.00 for white golf shoes. Cash only please.

How much time does one need to sit and have a good polish done?

FIve to ten minutes and with the polish routine that I was taught 42 years ago: wash with soap and water, two full coats of polish, and buff.

What would you like to say to the public?

It’s a good place to come, for camaraderie, you know, have a chat. I know my customers; we are on a first name basis.

Can people leave their footwear with you and pick up at a later time and date?

Customers can drop off and pick up – whatever works best for them and depends on their time – with same day or next day service.

Have you ever polished RCMP boots?

No, they have to do that for themselves, but I do polish city police boots.


I have always wanted to get a real shoe shine (with my feet in them), especially in airports across the continents I have travelled, but I never did until now, and I have to say, it felt really good! It was relaxing, and my boots look brand new! Worth it!

I walked out of the Hotel Sask with a different stride, head held high. I had my shiny black boots on, and I started humming a tune I think was quite befitting – TANTO PE CANTA’ : 1972 by Nino Manfredi.

I hope you like it!

Quanno c’è ‘a salute c’è tutto

Basta ‘a salute e un par de scarpe nove

Poi girà tutto er monno

When you got good health, you got it all

Health and a pair of new shoes is what you need

And you can travel the whole world . . .



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