Two months ago I introduced myself to you as a returning Canadian citizen/resident after Judith Veresuk and the staff at RDBID asked me to create a blog that I coined RDBIDventures. 

I explained how I have lived and travelled four different continents since 1989 and decided to come back to my hometown – Regina – a few winters ago. 

I have always compared each place I have lived in and travelled to as a friend, and like a good friend, each has given me something special, something different, something good to hold onto and treasure: adventure, food, fun, language, good times, surprise, history, environment, literature, music – in short – personal growth, connection, relationship.

I blogged most happily these last two months for RDBIDventures – my perspective to Downtown Regina: my good ol’ friend and how she has welcomed me back into her arms after so many moons away!

Thank you to everyone at RDBID, especially Judith Veresuk who believed in me and my portfolio and who has given me the chance to do what I have wanted to do all my life – write to an audience!

And to you, my audience – a massive thank you!

I would like to thank the many people who have given or shared time with me while I rediscovered and uncovered beautiful gems and met wonderful people in Downtown Regina. 

Whether you gave me an interview, edited or read one or all of my blog pieces, thank you from the centre of my heart and here in the centre of my city – my good friend “Regina”. 

Writing for The BID has been another nice stretch in and along my own journey. It was a great experience at RDBIDventures.

Bai di bon ora e tante cose a tutti! (mix of Sardo and Italian).

Direct translation: Go in the good hour and good things to you all!

In other words – Happy Trails!

Addio a tutti!



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