Contact Information

Call our team at (306) 537-3727 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, for assistance:

  • A non-emergent safety, security, or well-being concern downtown;
  • You or someone you know is in distress downtown;
  • You or someone you know is in need of immediate access to food, water, or shelter downtown. (MAP)

What is the Downtown Regina Community Support Team?

The Downtown Regina Community Support team consists of four civilians who conduct year-round, daily foot circuits in the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District. Traveling in pairs, the team connects with priority community members affected by mental health, substance use and homelessness, supporting them through street outreach actions. These actions involve making phone calls, finding services, escorting people to services and helping those in crisis fill out paperwork when needed. The Downtown Regina Community Support team members collaborate with community agencies to facilitate priority community members, access to relevant services such as food, shelter, health care, risk prevention/harm reduction and crisis counseling. The Downtown Regina Community Support Team’s extensive training in the areas of mental health, de-escalation, mediation, harm reduction, trauma and culturally informed practices and crime prevention helps them assess safety, security and well-being concerns downtown. The Downtown Regina Community Support team is a pilot project running from June 21, 2021-June 15, 2022.

Regular duties for the Downtown Regina Community Support team consist of the following:

  • Walking the downtown Regina district;
  • Checking in with downtown businesses;
  • Responding to non-emergent calls from members, the public and the police;
  • Connecting with priority people, identifying their needs and offering support, if required;
  • Attending community functions;
  • Engaging with the public, answering inquiries;
  • Attending community meetings related to safety, security, homelessness, substance use, and mental health crises;
  • Attending workshops and sessions in order to stay up to date on training.

Who employs the Downtown Regina Community Support Team?

The Downtown Regina Community Support Team operates under a Memorandum of Agreement developed and entered into by Regina Downtown and the City of Regina. The Downtown Regina Community Support Team is employed by the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District with oversight from the Community Well-Being Steering Committee.

What is the Community Well Being Steering Committee?

The Community Well Being Steering Committee is a guiding body that meets quarterly to discuss the progress of the program as well as offer guidance to the Supervisor and Downtown Regina Community Support team and ensures the project is meeting its success measures. The Community Well Being Steering Committee consists of a member of RDBID, RPS, City of Regina, a community organization stakeholder, an Indigenous Elder and a community member with a first voice/lived experience. The committee is also responsible for hiring the Downtown Regina Community Support team Supervisor.

Program Objectives

  1. Decrease the amount of safety and security concerns in downtown Regina.
  2. Improve the perception of downtown safety and security amongst citizens in downtown Regina.
  3. Improve access to services for priority people downtown.
  4. Decrease the calls to the Regina Police Service for non-emergent safety, security and wellness concerns.
  5. Improve the safety and well-being for all people downtown.
  6. Strengthen community identity and morale.
  7. Identify gaps in access to social services.
  8. Foster a better environment for individual, social and economic health and prosperity in downtown Regina.

Building Bridges

We understand that it will take time for the public to get to know the Downtown Community Support Team and vice versa. Trust will not be built overnight and much of the trust will be built on the street as the team walks the downtown. To further build relationships with community organizations and those accessing their services, the Downtown Regina Community Support team will spend, a minimum of 50 hours volunteering at local community based organizations as well as attend a minimum of 10 community events. If you are interested in having the team volunteer at your organization or attend your event please contact the CSP Supervisor at

Mission Statement

CSP aims to connect and engage with all individuals who access Downtown Regina. We aspire to bridge gaps in services and enhance safety for all who live, work and access downtown through street outreach and community collaboration.

Vision Statement

A safe and vibrant downtown where all are welcomed.


Need more information about the Downtown Regina Community Support Team contact team supervisor Alyssa Marinos:


Phone:  (306) 537-3727


We will put people first.

CSP will show integrity and compassion while interacting with the community.

CSP will operate through a trauma informed and culturally sensitive lens.

CSP will prioritize safety for all community members accessing the downtown.

We will work from a harm reduction approach.

CSP will meet people where they are at and prioritize individual needs.

CSP believes every individual is deserving of dignity and respect, even on their worst days.

Practice openness while recognizing the diverse needs of our community.

CSP will learn as we go and embrace continuous learning.

CSP will be flexible and adapt service delivery when needed.  

Safety for all is paramount.

CSP will listen to the safety concerns of members and our community.

CSP acknowledges that improving overall safety will positively impact the downtown business community.

CSP will work to improve responses to safety concerns, as knowing when and what type of intervention is necessary can equate to cost savings for both the city and taxpayers. 

Build relationships to cultivate community connections.

CSP will establish relationships with individuals to create trust.

CSP will collaborate with other service providers to bridge gaps and provide access to resources and support.

CSP will provide opportunity for understanding between stakeholders and downtown visitors through opening avenues of communication. 


Alyssa Marinos

Alyssa Marinos

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan Alyssa Marinos went to high school at Sheldon Williams Collegiate and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Human Justice with a concentration in corrections and public safety from the University of Regina in 2009. Following her schooling Alyssa worked with the Provincial Government in the Young Offender Programs as a Community Youth Worker for five and a half years before making the transition to community based work. Alyssa accepted a position with local non-profit agency, Street Culture Project, in 2016 where she managed their justice and reintegration program, Regina Connected Youth (RCY). RCY is a community connections program funded by the Ministry of Justice to support at-risk and gang connected youth involved in the Criminal Justice System.

A combination of front line outreach, program management and continuous engagement with both stakeholders and those she supports has been central to Alyssa’s work and demonstrates her commitment to developing strong relationships within her community and a lasting impact on the programs she works with. Alyssa has long been using her platform at Street Culture Project to actively place herself within the local scene and prioritize community collaboration and activism relating to young people and individuals involved in gangs. Alongside her colleagues at the John Howard Society, Str8 Up, Regina City Police and several lived expertise community members, Alyssa has been central in the creation of a community lead initiative, Pathway to Pimachisowin, which among other goals, has a vision of creating safe, healthy communities where all citizens are valued and have equal access to meaningful supports, connections and avenues to healing.

Alyssa became a first time mother in July 2020 to her son Noah and both her and her partner, Shane are the proudest parents. When she is not focused on work, Alyssa enjoys being active outdoors with her two dogs, spending time with friends and family, playing sports, reading and travelling. 


Alejandra Cabrera

Alejandra Cabrera

Alejandra Cabrera is a first generation Chilean-Canadian born and raised in Regina/treaty 4 territory. 

She attended the University of Regina and earned a degree in Arts Education. Fresh from university and wanting to explore other options, she worked as a gallery facilitator for the Dunlop Art Gallery within the Regina Public Library. She eventually moved onto community programming for the Regina Public Library and organized an assortment of events for the downtown library. Most notable programs include the Mental Health tradeshow which featured various organizations within the community working towards mental health and wellness, and Eco Femme aimed to empower individuals in their menstrual health while also being environmentally conscious. 

After 5 years with RPL, Alejandra then moved onto the YWCA Regina coordinating its Children Exposed to Violence program. The program works to educate and support mothers and guardians with children who have experienced domestic violence. 

As someone who has worked and lived downtown for nearly a decade, Alejandra is excited to embark on this new project to make downtown a safe and welcoming district for all walks of life.




Alex is a first generation Canadian, who was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Alex joined the Downtown Regina Community Support Program in May of 2021 in hopes of making a difference in the community he has grown up in. Alex has previous work experience in both the government and non-profit sectors. As a University of Regina alumni, he has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science and a degree in Social Work.

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