Igloo Construction Competition Call for Teams

Frost@Downtown 2023
Igloo Construction Competition Call for Teams

Team Registrations should be sent via this online form

Deadline for registration is January 20, 2023

Any questions can be directed to Kayla Lindgren at Kayla@1080architecture.com

The Design Council of Saskatchewan (DCS) and Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID), is launching an Igloo Construction Competition. This competition will call upon local corporate organizations to construct igloos representing the theme of Warmth through Form. The teams will build and display their igloos in Victoria Park in Downtown Regina as part of the Frost Festival, February 3 – 12, 2023.

This project helps to advance Winter City themes and goals by telling a positive “Winter-in-Regina” story to residents and winter tourists alike through promoting and enhancing the Downtown. Furthermore, this project fosters winter place making by incorporating form and function through thoughtful design that offers beauty, interest and creative approaches to the construction of igloos. The evening illumination of each igloo will create an eye-catching feature throughout the park, and pay homage to the history of warmth during winter in our province.

This image does not represent the actual size of the igloo to be constructed.

Design Teams are asked to construct an igloo celebrating the concept described above.
Proposed installations should consider the following:
• Reflection of the competition concept, but with a unique theme to your team
Examples of themes: Colour Scheme, Winter Wonderland, Candy Land, etc. We want you to use your creativity to produce an exciting visual!
Your theme can include coloured ice, ice blocks with organic/biodegradable materials for visual interest, carvings in ice blocks, etc.
• Audience interaction
The igloos will be a size in which they cannot be entered, this is for safety purposes. However, we’d like you to engage the audience by visuals, tactiles, etc.
• Durability in the varying winter weather
• Design teams are expected to pre-make the required ice blocks from home, and bring to site the day of activation. In total, 150 ice blocks will be required. The ideal approach is:
A team of 10 participants each make 15 ice blocks to bring to site, reflective of colour scheme/theme

Teams will be required to construct the igloo in Victoria Park the weekend of February 3 – 5, 2023. The igloo building competition will take place on February 4, 2022. Time of day to be determined.

Project teams may be asked to participate in the project marketing and communications efforts, including but not limited to media interviews, social media posts, and photography. A project marketing and communications plan will be developed in partnership between DCS and RDBID.

Up to ten igloo construction teams will be accepted. Exact placement in Victoria Park is still to be determined. Igloo size is limited to 4’ Diameter x 3’ High.

Registration Requirements
Teams are required to register with via this online form by January 14, 2023

Registration must include:
a. Name of the igloo project
b. Design team membersName of contact person, including contact information
c. A 100 word description of the team, highlighting the creativity intended to be brought to the project
d. A 150 word description of the igloo concept and how it reflects the competition theme
e. A 150 word description of the igloo concept and how it reflects the competition theme.

RDBID will provide in-kind honorariums for up to ten teams, valued at $100.

Potential Competition Categories
• Best in show
Judged on overall concept and execution
• Best use of non-ice elements
Judged on elements used to theme and decorate the igloo such as colour, lighting, visual and tactile integrations
• People’s choice

January 14, 2023 – Deadline for registration
February 3 – 5, 2023– On site construction and programming
February 9-11, 2023 – Additional event programming
February 12, 2023 – Igloo removed and decommissioned (Will be completed by DCS volunteers)

Frost@Downtown Manager
Judith Veresuk
Executive Director, Regina Downtown Business Improvement Association

Event Coordinator & Manager
Kayla Lindgren
Events Chair, Secretary, Design Council Saskatchewan

About Regina Downtown Business Improvement District
Downtown Regina is everyone’s neighbourhood – a valued asset that equally embraces our community and is embraced by our community. As a non-profit organization, RDBID actively works to build awareness of Regina’s unique, attractive and desirable downtown for visitors, residents, and businesses.

“We see added value in public art as a part of our evolving culture and history, and as a way of strengthening our economy through support paid creative work.” – RDBID Executive Director, Judith Veresuk

About Design Council of Saskatchewan
A volunteer organization formed in 1983, The Design Council of Saskatchewan is the collective voice of six provincial associations representing design professionals working in the disciplines of architecture, planning, engineering & geoscience, graphic design, interior design and landscape architecture.
It was established to celebrate and promote public awareness and understanding of professional design in Saskatchewan. Hosting Design Week is a major initiative of the Council. It is an open invitation to the public to learn about the different areas of design through a speaker series.



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