R-DropCapegina Downtown was founded in 1981 as a business improvement district, which was a new idea at the time. Local property owners, including Paul and Carol Hill of Harvard Developments, Harold Hague of Loggie’s Shoes and the late Robert Gardikiotis of the Copper Kettle, initiated the formation of Regina’s Market Square. For many years the original BID boundary stayed the same—the railroad tracks to the north, Albert to the west, Broad to the East and Victoria to the south. In the late 2000s, the boundary was extended one block to the east and west to Angus and Osler.

In 2014, RDBID began the process of expanding our boundary to reflect the growing business community throughout Regina’s inner core. During this time, RDBID reached out extensively to the community through information packages, open houses and drop-in visits. In March of 2016, City Council approved our boundary expansion of the BID south to 13th Avenue, along Broad between
Victoria and College and east to Halifax Street from Saskatchewan Drive to 13th Avenue. This area encompasses 125 commercial properties.

We are excited to welcome our new members into the fold and we are committed to working with all of our members to make Downtown Regina the place where people want to be and businesses want to invest.