A mandala, an image of a circle within a square, is an ancient symbol first seen in cultural and spiritual rituals in Asia and later in meditative practices throughout the world. Mandy Bishop, the owner and chief executive officer of Mandala Massage was particularly inspired by the traditional creation of mandalas by Buddhist monks. The monks patiently work with individual grains of sand to create the mandala and then sweep it away to signal life’s ever-changing shape.  

When Mandy opened her registered massage clinic in 2016 at 2550 12th Avenue in the Neil Professional Building, the symbol infused both the company’s logo and its name, Mandala Massage. Since then, Mandy has provided family-focused modalities across the demographic spectrum, from youths requiring help for sports injuries to seniors seeking relief from chronic pain. “Care is provided to my clients and their families at every stage of life,” she says. Among the fleet of services provided is manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology and aromatherapy, and pre and post-natal massage. “The approach taken is holistic with a view to the whole person and includes client education, home care instruction and referrals to other providers needed to best serve my client’s needs.”

Education remains a critical focus for Mandy who completed a diploma program in massage therapy from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts in 2014. She also accumulated 2,200 hours of continued education from Mount Royal University in Calgary and is currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Regina. In 2017, she attained a specialist designation in

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, a modality to recalibrate the body’s pain system. It is a soft tissue technique encouraging the central nervous system to alleviate tension in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, scar tissue and nerves. The neurological technique is meant to restore muscle tone, increase range of motion and reduce inflammation. “It’s a modality which helps many patients resolve their chronic pain,” says Mandy.

Many insurance providers cover Mandy’s modalities and direct billing is available to facilitate financial transactions. Mandala Massage developed the online store to offer clients self-care products to continue their wellness journey at home, and offers store-to-door delivery to Regina, Pilot Butte, Emerald Park and White City, as well as shipping across Canada. Local delivery is free on orders over $100.

Like many small businesses, Mandala Massage was challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic and the scope of protocols required to ensure a safe, sanitary working space. Surgical-grade masks and strict disinfection policies enhanced client safety while streamlined business operations enabled Mandy to still deliver modalities in a fiscally prudent manner. As restrictions ease, she hopes to grow her business and expand the services offered, remaining ever-committed to the icon infusing her corporate culture, for a mandala, like life itself, symbolizes constant and mindful change. 

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