Reconnect, at the Heart


Since March of 2020, we’ve witnessed some incredible innovation and the unbeatable spirit of the people of this city as we continue to make our way through these unprecedented times. We’ve seen you reach out to support one another and find ways to check-up on family, friends, and neighbours.

We’ve also seen you support downtown businesses by ordering for delivery or curb-side pick-up, shopping safely in person, and spreading your love of your favourite downtown spots through social media.

Downtown Regina is the city’s heart and gathering place where everyone feels at home. And it’s the folks that operate downtown businesses who truly make that heart beat. These folks are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support during these unprecedented times.

With many who normally work downtown still working from home, foot traffic downtown has reduced from 35,000 a day to less than 5,000. We look forward to the day when we can welcome more of you back to work downtown. Until then, we encourage you to continue supporting your favourite downtown businesses so that they will still be here when you get back.

In 2020, we launched our “Reconnect at the Heart” campaign to highlight local downtown business folks and to encourage you to reconnect with them in all kinds of ways (online, curbside, delivery, and in-person, far apart.

This campaign continues in 2021, as it’s just as important now, if not more than before, to Reconnect, at the Heart!

You can connect with your favourite downtown businesses through one of the following online directories:







If you can’t get downtown in-person, there is a variety of other ways to support downtown businesses:

  • Get in touch with local retailers and ask about their online shopping options.
  • Buy custom or corporate gifts from retailers who can handle orders over the phone or online.
  • Have coffee & treats or lunch delivered to your staff.
  • Order takeout or delivery and tip as you would dining in.
  • Or why not buy a gift card to treat someone to a night off from cooking at home? (i.e. healthcare workers, parents, teachers, your favourite delivery person or grocery clerk!)
  • If you don’t need anything just now, but still want to support local, buy gift cards as gifts for family and friends or save them to spend later.

A reminder that the Province of Saskatchewan’s mandatory mask mandate is still in force and masks must always be worn inside. We encourage you to follow the Government of Saskatchewan’s current public health measures including social distancing and regular handwashing. Note, some stores may be limited in terms of in-person capacity or closed to in-person, so please check online in advance.

Thanks again for your ongoing support!

Let’s reconnect, at the heart.

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