Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) Seeks Artwork for the Warming Chalet Railing Panels as part of the 2022 Urban Canvas Downtown Regina Public Art Program

Submission Deadline: August 15th, 2022


Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) is currently looking for diverse, original artwork, reflective of Downtown Regina’s culturally vibrant and sustainable neighborhood, for the Warming Chalet Railing Panels as part of the 2022 Urban Canvas Downtown Regina art program.

Original artwork will be chosen and installed via laser cut corten steel as a component of the railing panels on the new Warming Chalet. The panels will incorporate themes related to a four season outdoor recreation and a vibrant downtown community. Exact dimensions have been provided below:

Design Guidelines

  1. Sizes of the openings: All openings must fall within the range of 1 inch (25mm) to 4 inches (100mm) in width and height – this size is to maintain the function of the railing and to avoid any small hands or heads becoming stuck.
  2. Bridges: Designs must be bridged. Bridging in designs allows for a clean laser cut which ensures shapes are connected to the design material and not lost.
  3. Design Size: Designs should avoid thin and small features. Such features are delicate and likely to break in laser cutting.
  4. Design Shape: Designs should avoid open shapes and designs within designs. Open shapes will not translate well with laser cutting, the cut design will look different than the proposed design.

How to Apply

Artist submissions must be in digital format and submitted online via Wufoo:  by Monday, August 15th, 2022

Submissions must include:

  • Artist bio and contact information
  • Three images of past work
  • Maximum three proposed design description(s) and design sketch(es)

Designs must be original to the artists, though they may be drawn from previously completed work by the artist.

Adjudication/Artwork Selection Process

Artwork will be selected by a panel of adjudicators representing the local design community and the City of Regina. The selected artists will be notified in late August of 2022. Each artist will receive an artist fee of $700 upon delivery of a final cut-ready image.

Successful artworks will appear on RDBID’s website, along with artist statements and bios.

RDBID reserves the right to resize or rescale the artwork as needed. The selected artists may be required to work with the railing panel fabricator to ensure the design fits with the limitations of the laser cutter.

About the Warming Chalet

The Warming Chalet will add value to the temporary ice rink at the Pat Fiacco Plaza. In the Warming Chalet, patrons of the ice rink will be able to lace up their skates, warm up and have access to other practical functions such as charging their cellular devices. With accessibility to these functions, individuals will be more inclined to partake in the rink and therefore, the rest of downtown!

Furthermore, the Warming Chalet may be operational all year round. During the non-winter months the chalet could be a community space, a space for programming or a space that downtown members could use to promote their business. Plans are still being developed. The goal of adding such fixtures as the Warming Chalet is to activate downtown Regina and celebrate and promote culture, community and commerce. Below is a picture of the proposed Warming Chalet.

About RDBID: 

Downtown Regina is everyone’s neighbourhood – a valued asset that equally embraces our community and is embraced by our community. As a non-profit organization, RDBID actively works to build awareness of Regina’s unique, attractive and desirable downtown for visitors, residents, and businesses.

“We see added value in public art as a part of our evolving culture and history, and as a way of strengthening our economy through support paid creative work.” – RDBID Executive Director, Judith Veresuk


About the Urban Canvas Program

In partnership with the City of Regina, RDBID created the Urban Canvas Downtown Regina Art Program in 2011, as a means to deepen the sense of community in our shared downtown neighbourhood and connect the public to local artists. Originally part of Downtown Regina’s response to deter unwanted vandalism, this program has grown to fulfil other valuable functions, adding value and vitality to this dynamic and diverse neighbourhood – at the Heart of the City! Through this program, RDBID has worked with over 60 artists, from Saskatchewan, Canada, and the United States. Artwork has been featured on alley doors, traffic control boxes, vacant storefronts, and large-scale murals.


RDBID Contacts:

Halle Paul

Planning Coordinator


Judith Veresuk

Executive Director


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