Harassment Prevention Workplace Training and Materials Available for RDBID Members

Ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace should be a priority for all businesses.  We know many of our downtown businesses are wanting to be sure their work environments remain safe and harassment-free for employees and customers.

RDBID is compiling a list of materials and training opportunities that are available for RDBID members who may be interested in re-affirming their organization’s commitment to a harassment-free workplace, and who may be wanting to create a sexual harassment policy.  Below are links to a number of resources and training opportunities. RDBID also has materials on preventing sexual harassment in the work place, and guides for the development of work place harassment prevention policies available for members. For more information, please give us a call. 

Regina Sexual Assault Centre – First Responder To Sexual Assault And Abuse Training ™

The First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training ™ model draws from the idea of first aid. The job of the first responder is not to know all the answers, or to counsel the victim, but rather provide information and empower the person who shares their story, allowing them to create their own plan with help from professionals (a counsellor, a doctor, or the police).

$250 per person 2 Day course – register here

Free inclusive 24-hour support line 306-352-0434

YWCA Regina – Healthy Masculinity & Building Allies

This workshop will discuss topics on healthy masculinity and how harmful masculine norms hurt everyone, and explore concrete ways which men and boys can support survivors of violence, and why gender-based violence response is essential in fostering allies.

YWCA Regina – Consent & Bystander Training

Bystanders are witnesses who can intervene. This workshop will counteract the beliefs of: “It’s none of my business”. Workshop participants will learn how to: notice the event, recognize the event as a problem, assume personal responsibility, and implement and take action

Email ywcaregina@ywcaregina.com to book your workplace training

UR Pride – Positive Space Network classes and Workshop

The UR Pride Positive Space Network program is an educational program that teaches about building positive spaces and tearing down homophobia and other forms of violence against sexual and gender diverse communities. The Positive Space Network program includes everything from our public workshops, to individualized training, to class talks, to public lectures or presentations

Book your workplace workshop here 

Sensitivity Training Canada (web or in person)Workplace Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment

Covers how to recognize workplace bullying or harassment. We examine what is ‘Harassment’ and ‘Bullying’, and what is not. Participants are provided with techniques for dealing with incivility in the workplace. We discuss Prohibited Grounds and we discuss the responsibilities of Employees, Management, and Employers.

This is an interactive training session that provides participants with techniques and strategies for taking control of their situation at work, getting help when required, supporting others, and working for favourable workplace outcomes.

Sensitivity Training Canada (web or in person)Sexual Violence and Harassment

Participants learn about the fundamentals of respect in the workplace. This session addresses and provides examples of behaviour that is considered inappropriate for workplace settings.

Discrimination and Harassment are defined and covered with a comprehensive scenario-based exercise. Participants are provided tools to communicate effectively at work and people-leaders are provided tools, including templates and checklists, to document incidents in the workplace and also to help restore the work environment

Contact to book your workplace training 

Phone: (866) 518-7454

WorkSafe Saskatchewan Online training

Violence in the Workplace: Awareness register here

Violence in the Workplace: Recognize the Risk and Take Action register here

Violence in the Workplace: Establish a Prevention Program register here

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