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RINK STORIES: Yandi Zhu & Xuewei Lou

Yandi Zhu and Xuewei Lou moved to Canada from northern and central China a couple of years ago and are students at the University of Regina. Their skating improves every time they visit Victoria Park rink and they also bring other friends and help teach them how to skate. They are very kind and friendly and we always have great visits when they come to the...

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RINK STORIES: Newlyweds Scott & Megan

This beautiful couple, Scott and Megan McLachlan, got married today and had pictures taken around Regina…including at Victoria Park Rink. At the time, a number of young people who skate at the rink almost every day were intrigued by what was happening. Scott and Megan are charming and kind and were a big hit at the rink. Many of the young people asked them questions about their wedding and Megan’s elegant dress. Even though it was their special day, Scott and Megan patiently and graciously answered the questions and visited with the other skaters. We were so impressed by...

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RINK STORIES: Maria & Bobu

Maria (left) and Bobu (right). Bobu came for her first skate today and did great! She and her family recently moved to Regina from Saudi Arabia. Welcome! Maria is from Regina and is super active getting involved with a wide range of community projects and initiatives. Thanks for all she does to help make Regina such a wonderful place to...

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