Tyler W. Toppings is Regina Downtown’s Visitor Service Coordinator. He works at the Downtown Regina Visitor Service Pavilion, which is the small building on the west side of City Square Plaza (corner of 12th Avenue and Lorne Street) – across from the Regina Public Library Central Branch.



I asked Tyler a few questions about his job and the pavilion. This is what he had to say:


First, what would you like people to call you? What is your job title?

My name is Tyler; pronouns are he/him/his. Ty is fine but not my favourite, and any fun variation on my last name is great. Officially, I’m the Visitor Services Coordinator, but I can be referred to as The Pavilion Guy. That’s fine too.

What is your job? What service or services do you provide to downtown?

Right now I am responsible for collecting and handing out information about events that are happening in the downtown district. My current project is reaching out to the restaurants to learn about their upcoming events and menu specials. We are hosting “Games on The Plaza” on a regular basis. Ray and Bianca from the Info on the Go Team will be there to make that happen. We also have a water bottle refill station on the south side of the building, available to anyone. And I’ll be playing different playlists of music from CBC Radio and Spotify which you can hear in and around the kiosk. I’ll take requests and recommendations, so come by and let me know what you’d like to hear!

What is Games on The Plaza?

Games on the Plaza, a part of Summer in the Square programming, is a variety of social activities that will be offered to the public and in the outdoor summer air. It will be different every time, but we will have various board games as well as ping-pong and a few fun giant options: Jenga, chess & checkers. Come and check it out. Lots of fun for everyone!

Where can people find you?

You will often find me sitting at the windows in the little pavilion building on the west side of The Plaza in Victoria Park.

When is the pavilion open? Are there busy times?

Right now, we’re open Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm and on Saturdays 9am to 2pm. In the near future, we’ll be around later into the day with the various programs and events happening each week like Zumba classes on Tuesday evenings! Check out the RDBID website to plan your next weekend!

 How has your job helped the heart of our city?

I’ve helped people by directing them to where they want to be going. Sometimes a person needs to go to City Hall, and I point them in the right direction. Other times a person wants to know “Where can I get lunch?” or “Where are the Regina landmarks I should see?”, and I give them a little map with a walking route to help them take in as much of Regina’s Downtown as possible!

What are some common questions people ask you?

I get asked for the time a lot. Sometimes blankly someone will ask, “What is this building for?” But mostly I guide people toward the Downtown Regina Community Support Team who are in the park and around downtown. The team can help people find basic support systems like food, clothing and more serious aid. The pavilion operates kind of like a beacon to attract people who need help and the people who can in turn give help. If you have any questions or concerns about downtown safety or the Community Support Program, please contact the team at 306-537-3727 or cspsupervision@cspregina.ca

What have been some interesting requests or inquiries?

I was asked for the meaning behind the iron installation in The Plaza – titled “The Sun Shades”. The visitor said, “They look like waves, but Regina doesn’t have any water, so there [isn’t] any waves nearby.” I replied that we do have waves out in the fields; as the wind moves over the crops they create ripples and waves.

What would you like Regina’s public to know?

I would like Regina to know that there is always something to experience downtown. During the day there will be a variety of activities on different days of the week but also, the world doesn’t turn-off at 4pm! The park is gorgeous in the evening; there are many patios to enjoy the evening air, and the art installations are available 24/7.

What about visitors or tourists to our city?

Come visit me at the pavilion! I can give maps of great walking tours around Downtown Regina as well as help find the way around the entire city.

Any advice to the public?

It is easy enough to say that everybody is welcome in the downtown district of Regina, and I have seen excellent action to making that statement true. Everybody can come and experience The Heart of Regina, because it is as open as yours is. Remember our water bottle refill station on the south side of the building is available to anyone! Traffic is sometimes confusing, so be careful. We are hoping for improved signage to help make things more clear – for everyone.

Any words to downtown businesses?

The pavilion is the perfect place to put any updates to your business on display. Let me know about upcoming special events or sales, or maybe you need a riddle-master for your next scavenger hunt?

Will we find Mr. Tyler Toppings, our Regina Downtown’s Visitor Service Coordinator, in a shirt and tie everyday?

Yup! I’m gonna try every day to wear a collared shirt and tie under my blue Regina Downtown polo shirt. I have dozens of different ties that I love to wear. They don’t call me Tie-ler for nothin’!

What is the best part of your job / day?

Oh, the weather is unbelievable! We have had such wonderful weather during the past few weeks. ‘Nuff said, I think.



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