What do art and exercise have in common? How are the two connected? Art appreciation improves the quality of our lives and makes us feel good. So do activities like walking, running and cycling. Both exercise and culture make us feel alive.

I love to combine the two – sightseeing and exercise – and I have done so in all of the countries that I have travelled, particularly in the downtowns of every city I have visited.

Walking, jogging, running and cycling in a city centre fall into all of my travel itineraries, where I have been – wherever I go.

Meandering a city centre helps me understand my surroundings. It gives me a sense of life and a different perspective. Most cities’ downtowns communicate their history, their culture, and their identities.

The city and its design express, and in turn, teach me what is important to the place and to the people I am visiting.

Early mornings have always been my favourite time to venture out and see what a downtown holds. The silence and fresh morning air is an invigorating way to start the day.

Lunch hours are intriguing in their busyness and can be a wonderful part of a city hike you might like!

An evening stroll is most welcoming as well – especially with a group of people you enjoy being with.

Regina Downtown Public Art and its “Art-chitecture” (architecture) do exactly this!

Downtown Regina has many alley art wraps, murals, paintings, stained glass windows, sculptures and monuments – all different genres of art.

“The Tornado Scribble” is a new addition for me. Rob Bos’ piece at 1845 Cornwall Street, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the tornado that hit our city hard, on Sunday, June 30th, 1912, with winds hitting over 300 kilometers an hour. The art piece “suggests the multiple new meanings put forth by the destruction and loss incurred by the tornado and how they alter perception and memory.”

For more information on this and other downtown art, visit the Downtown Regina Public Art Guide: here


Downtown Regina entices a walk, a jog, or a spin in its “Art-chitecture” (architecture) too.

My favorite two heritage buildings in downtown Regina are The Balfour condos and the Frontenac Apartments.

I had friends who lived in The Balfour before and after the major reconstructions and renovations in 1984. Impressive!

A long-time friend of mine lived in a bachelor suite in the Frontenac. It was the sweetest suite ever! Such charm!

I have often contemplated living in one of these elegant and historical buildings that give me that reminiscent feel of my European homes.

You will find many examples of fine architecture in Regina’s oldest commercial, as well as residential and spiritual structures – the “art-chitecture” of our downtown includes:

  • Art deco, Chicago style, Spanish, Mediterranean, modern classical, gothic;
  • Claybank bricks, Tyndall Stone, slate steps, marble; and
  • Arches, buttresses, cupolas, pilasters, steep roofs, low-slung roofs.

For more information on downtown Regina’s historical buildings, landmarks and architecture, check out:


Movement and touring! Fuse the two and see where it takes you!

Post your favourite thoughts and pictures of Regina downtown Art and “Art-chitecture”.


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