The word “tempus” in Latin means “time”. It means the time of day as well as the timing in music or the beats per minute – “il tempo”.

However, in some languages, “tempo” can also mean “weather”.

English = What’s the weather like?

French = “Quel temps fait-il ?”

Italian = “Che tempo fa?”

The good weather is finally upon us, so we have a few months to make some memories and soak up some sunny weather here in Saskatchewan. And there are fantastic options here in the city to do exactly that – on the patios of Downtown Regina! These are great little places: a courtyard, a forecourt, a terrace, a yard, or a little garden – some nook where one can really absorb and feel that TEMPO  in every sense of the word: time, rhythm & weather.

Another bonus to outdoor eating is how this special type of dining is relatively safer than eating indoors. Socializing and dining outside for some may feel less risky than dining indoors due to natural ventilation. A patio is a wonderful choice.

Whatever the ambience, it will be a space for you to spend time with friends & family, appreciate a different flow and feel the warmth of Summer 2022.

Come and find a patio downtown!

Make it fun!

Make it unfamiliar!

Make it remarkable!

Make it yours – Downtown Regina!

If you are looking for ways to get together, or if you would like to add to that summer heat & beat and enjoy the great weather, then Downtown Regina outdoor patio dining & entertainment is the option for you!


Here is a nice selection of enticing patios for all tastes & all ages in Downtown Regina:

20Ten City Eatery – 2010 12th Avenue – 306-751-2010 –

Smoke’s Poutinerie – 1943 Scarth – 306-545-1234 –

Brewed Awakening – 1992 Hamilton Street – 306-565-2213 –

The Copper Kettle – 1953 Scarth Street – 306-525-3545 –

Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar – 1925 Victoria Avenue – 306-525-8777 –

The Cure Kitchen + Bar – 2323 11th Avenue 306-949-1600 – bookthecureregina

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – 1881 Scarth Street – 306-789-0011 –

The Fat Badger – 1852 Scarth Street – 306-206-1819 –

Fix. Coffee – 102 – 2055 Rose Street – 306-559-1962 –

The Rooftop Bar & Grill – 1845 Victoria Avenue – 306-359-7663 –

Victoria’s Tavern – 1965 Hamilton Street – 306-352-8427 –


So, make the best of Summer 2022, and ask yourselves: “What time is it?”

“It’s PATIO time!


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