Downtown revitaliation & construction SCARTH STREET (F.W. HILL MALL)

As part of the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Regina, several major streets and avenues are being updated. 

  • The Victoria Avenue Infrastructure and Beautification project, which focused on updating the stretch between Broad Street and Albert Street, was completed in 2020.
  • 1900 block Lorne Street and Scarth Street received new infrastructure and beautification improvements, with work completed in 2021. 
  • Construction on 11th Avenue, the primary public transportation corridor for downtown, began in May 2023.
  • Exciting new upgrades for the 1800 block of Scarth Street (F.W. Hill Mall) will begin in 2024.
  • Although no above grade revitalization is planned, Broad Street is currently receiving some important infrastructure updates.
  • The Saskatchewan Drive Corridor Project is tentatively planned for three phases of construction, with phase one tentatively scheduled to begin construction in 2024. This project aims to transform Saskatchewan Drive into a key city area and a multi-model corridor.

During the revitalization of both Scarth Street (F.W. Hill Mall) and 11th Avenue, the goal is to keep access open to all businesses during their regular hours. Downtown pedestrian safety and accessibility are a priority. 

Downtown is undergoing a lot of transformation, but it is still the perfect place to shop, eat, and explore.  


Role of the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District

When discussing the role of the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) as it relates to the ongoing construction projects, it is important to consider the organization’s objective:

  • To provide a range of business services and community services to enhance and promote downtown. 
  • Work to improve the conditions for businesses operating in the district.
  • To improve the experience of shopping, working and living downtown.

RDBID’s goal during construction is to advocate for members using social media channels and email communication. The City of Regina consults RDBID on revitalization projects, but ultimately makes all decisions regarding projects and construction timelines. RDBID is also in contact with SaskPower to stay up to date on their current projects. 

It is important to note that the construction currently underway or planned for the next several years is separate from any possible future arena or library project. No buildings are scheduled for demolition, and no future project locations have been determined. 

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11th Avenue Construction

The revitalization of 11th Avenue is currently underway, and the construction will continue over a four-year span. The project will take place in phases of roughly two to four blocks at a time as underground infrastructure is replaced or upgraded in coordination with utility upgrades by SaskPower and SaskTel. 

In addition, the roadway, streetscape, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps will all be upgraded, traffic signals and street lighting will be replaced, and new landscape elements will be added. 

11th Avenue is the transportation hub for Regina, and having these changes, including new transit shelters that are fully enclosed with heating and lighting, will add to that experience.

To keep transit moving during construction, downtown bus stops on 11th Avenue have been temporarily relocated to Lorne Street and Victoria Avenue, which is adjacent to Victoria Park. Transit riders are encouraged to check for the most up-to-date information on routes, stops and times. 


These concept drawings were produced by P3A in October of 2021 to illustrate some of the possible features of the Scarth Street (F.W. Hill Mall) revitalization if limited vehicular traffic is reintroduced. No final plans or drawings have been approved at this point in the project.

Scarth Street (F.W. Hill Mall) Construction

The block of Scarth Street (F.W. Hill Mall), located between 11th and 12th Avenue, was converted from a traffic lane to a pedestrian mall in 1975. Revitalization of the mall was undertaken in 1993 when there was a redesign of the paving and enhancement of street-level facades. 50 years have passed since the conversion, and 30 years have passed since the last improvements.

Why Now?

The need to replace sewer lines and pipes at the end of their lifespan presents an opportunity to revamp Scarth Street as part of the overall revitalization of downtown. 

  • Renewing street infrastructure will help the area accommodate higher-density populations in the future.

No decisions on a final plan for this project have been made at this time. The City of Regina ultimately decides the final plan of this project.

RDBID Goals:

The future success of F.W. Hill Mall lies in maximizing the flexibility of the street. We need the street to accommodate and service businesses, residents and pedestrians. This is shown through other successful Flex Streets, including Argyle Street in Halifax, NS and Dundas Street in London, ON. 

The RDBID feels that the future of Scarth Street will be successful if it includes the following: 

  • Wide, safe areas for pedestrians to walk.
  • Space for patios that can be flexible and enticing.
  • Space for events and event production.
  • Plenty of permanent bench seating.
  • Addition of portable tables and chairs.
  • Creation of portable windbreak structures to create a more enjoyable street experience.
  • Development of The Globe Theatre entry that is accessible with new stairs and a ramp.
  • The ability to close the area to traffic for events or when needed. 
  • A process for delivery vehicles so that they do not have to navigate tight, obstructed alleys.
  • The ability for rideshare vehicles, taxis and food delivery services can pick up and drop off directly in front of businesses.
  • Design elements that reflect the strong influence of the heritage buildings that line F.W. Hill Mall. 
  • Replacing the trees on F.W. Hill Mall, using different planters to help the trees grow and thrive in the environment. 


McIntye Street Construction

There will be a major construction project on McIntyre Street between Victoria Avenue and the north side of 12th Avenue

This project is tentatively scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 10th, SaskPower will be upgrading aging underground electrical infrastructure in the 1900 block of McIntyre Street, and in the intersection of McIntyre Street and 12th Avenue.

This work will restrict McIntyre Street to one lane, which will change as the work progresses. The work crossing 12th Avenue will be done in sections to minimize traffic restrictions. There will also be restricted pedestrian access in the area that will change as construction progresses.

The work is scheduled to be completed by mid-October 2023.

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Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

11th Avenue Revitalization Project

This four year project is starting early May. It includes updates such as:

  • Rebuild Roads
  • Install new sidewalks
  • Install new pedestrian ramps
  • Replace/Upgrade aging underground infrastructure
  • Replace traffic signals and street lighting
  • New landscaping to beautify the streetscape
  • Replace transit shelters with new, fully enclosed shelters with heating and lighting

This project will take place in phases between Broad Street and Albert Street. Two blocks at a time. Starting early May, 11th Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic for construction from Broad Street to West of Hamilton Street for approximately six months.

Updated transit map, which will begin on May 7th and run through October. (click to enlarge on desktop)

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