McIntye Street Construction

There will be a major construction project on McIntyre Street between Victoria Avenue and the north side of 12th Avenue

This project is tentatively scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 10th, SaskPower will be upgrading aging underground electrical infrastructure in the 1900 block of McIntyre Street, and in the intersection of McIntyre Street and 12th Avenue.

This work will restrict McIntyre Street to one lane, which will change as the work progresses. The work crossing 12th Avenue will be done in sections to minimize traffic restrictions. There will also be restricted pedestrian access in the area that will change as construction progresses.

The work is scheduled to be completed by mid-October 2023.

For more information, click here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

11th Avenue Revitalization Project

This four year project is starting early May. It includes updates such as:

  • Rebuild Roads
  • Install new sidewalks
  • Install new pedestrian ramps
  • Replace/Upgrade aging underground infrastructure
  • Replace traffic signals and street lighting
  • New landscaping to beautify the streetscape
  • Replace transit shelters with new, fully enclosed shelters with heating and lighting

This project will take place in phases between Broad Street and Albert Street. Two blocks at a time. Starting early May, 11th Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic for construction from Broad Street to West of Hamilton Street for approximately six months.

Updated transit map, which will begin on May 7th and run through October. (click to enlarge on desktop)

Broad Street Construction

Area of Broad Street where work will take place on underground pipe.

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