Call our team at 306-537-3727, Monday to Friday for assistance

Example: Someone in crisis, experiencing mental health distress, or in immediate need of water, food or shelter.

What is the Regina Street Team?

The Regina Street Team provides immediate service to the community by addressing non-emergent situations using a compassionate, timely and safe approach to increase coordinated access, enhance system navigations and advance community wellbeing.


The Regina Street Team is a grassroots initiative that works with community-based organizations and business partners to address immediate needs, facilitate access, establish innovative solutions and foster inclusive environments that create belonging, safety and wellbeing

Guiding Principles

Out of the purpose and vision of the Regina Street Team, the following values were chosen to unify and support the Regina Street Team in fulfilling its mandate. Each staff member upholds the following values:

We put people first

  • The Regina Street Team shows integrity and compassion, while interacting with the community
  • The Regina Street Team operates through a trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive lens
  • The Regina Street Team prioritizes safety for all community members

We work from a strength-based approach

  • The Regina Street Team meets people “where they are at,” and prioritize individual needs
  • The Regina Street Team upholds that every individual is deserving of dignity and respect

We practice openness, while recognizing the diverse needs of the community

  • The Regina Street Team is flexible, and adapts service delivery, as needed
  • The Regina Street Team embraces continuous education

Safety for all is paramount

  • The Regina Street Team acknowledges the safety concerns of the community
  • The Regina Street Team acknowledges that improving overall safety positively impacts the local business community
  • The Regina Street Team strives to improve safety for all who live, work and access the City of Regina
  • The Regina Street Team utilizes initiative-taking intervention strategies to improve responses to safety concerns, which will equate to cost savings for both the city and taxpayers

Building relationships to cultivate community connections

  • The Regina Street Team maintains trusting relationships with members of the community
  • The Regina Street Team collaborates with service providers, bridging gaps in access to resources
  • The Regina Street Team fosters an understanding environment conducive to productive dialogue on sensitive subjects


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