Café Royale – A Regal Space with Coffee to Match

When you sit down to chat with Tyler Koda, it’s like sitting down with a good friend. You know you’re going to share some good stories.

One of those stories is how Tyler found himself in Regina, and the proud owner of the Café Royale – the beautiful space inside the lobby of the Saskatchewan Hotel.

Tyler and his wife Tara moved from Vancouver to Regina four years ago to slough off that big city hustle. Very soon after arriving in the Queen City, Tyler and Tara welcomed two little Kodas to their bunch. It was a blossoming time, and Tyler decided to launch his next new project. 

This is the story of how the Café Royale popped up in the Hotel Saskatchewan’s lobby.

You may already know the space; it’s been a gift shop, a tobacconist, and a small patisserie. Tyler – a 20+ year food and beverage professional – saw the lease come up and jumped on the opportunity in March 2018. Since then, he’s curated a small, perfectly glam, not overly audacious niche known for serving specialty coffees and perfectly paired noms.

“I love the space we’re in here,” said Tyler. “Regina’s downtown is great – we are beautifully situated in the centre of everything. We have traffic from the hotel and from folks in the neighbourhood.”

Over the course of our Downtown blog series, we’ve talked to many businesses – all of whom have been affected by the CVOID – 19 shut down, and the subsequent slow in business. They all tell a similar story of adaptation. “It’s an odd comfort that everyone is going through this together.” said Tyler. 

At Café Royale, Tyler’s ramped up the cleaning schedule and has tweaked their operations to offer in person, but also online offerings. “We are putting the polish on a new online coffee-based biz for our customers who are looking for roasted bean delivery.”

Café Royale has partnered with Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters out of Calgary – a small batch micro roaster who also hosts the barista school where Tyler trained before opening Café Royale.

“To be successful, you have to be able to adapt – to modify how to deliver, how we market ourselves – and enjoy the flexibility of being a small business.” said Tyler. That’s what led to their new online business.

“Community is everything,” said Tyler. “This is our time to come together and collaborate, as good neighbours to be better business people. Let’s have more conversations.”

Pop in to the Café Royale to sample their coffee, to see who else they’re collaborating with these days, and watch their socials to see their online bean biz take off.

In Tyler’s own words: “It’s kind of exciting to be progressive, isn’t it?”


Café Royale

Inside the lobby of the Hotel Saskatchewan

2125 Victoria Avenue



IG: caferoyaleregina

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