MEMORIES DINING & BAR—click for hour/info

$35 a person plus taxes + gratuity

-Choose one Starter and one Entree-


Fresh MusselsFresh steamed mussels in a white wine garlic dill sauce

Ginger Steak BitesWith soy, ginger, sesame seed, onion and fresh lime sauce


Baby Tuscan greens in a cucumber ribbon with blueberry goat cheese, beet Root and plum tomatoes, drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette


Pork LoinGrilled marinated lemon grass pork loin topped with sautéed spinach and chick pea sauce

Beef ChuckBraised beef chuck with red wine dark cherry au jus

Fig Chicken SupremeTopped with a cherry fig cream sauce

Baked TilapiaTopped with a delightful tomato concasse

Lamb ShankBraised and slow cooked in a red wine mint au jus