Based on his bestselling autobiography, this remarkable story of Saskatchewan-born hockey great Theo Fleury will have you wanting to stand and cheer. Performed entirely on hockey skates and synthetic ice, Playing with Fire: The Theo Fleury Story is a captivating drama that gives us a behind-the-bench look at how one man’s spirit can beat impossible odds.

This production will be performed at the Casino Regina Show Lounge. Patrons must be at least 19 years of age to attend this show.

“For the guys – Seriously, you need to ask? You’ll love every minute of it. And if you are worried that the abuse parts are too much to handle – let me assure you it is discussed with class and intelligence. SEE IT.

For the girls – There were LOTS of female hockey fans in the audience – but regardless if you like hockey or not, this is a fabulous character story that will have you rooting for Theo despite his many flaws. SEE IT.

For the occasional audience – Foul language, some uncomfortable story elements and a two act monologue may make you wary. You shouldn’t be. This is great theatre that will may you laugh and cry and tell you a great story.

For the theatre junkie – This show is a fourple threat (I just made that word up). The writing, the acting, the directing and the set will rival some parts of the best theatre you’ve seen. SEE IT.” – CBC Calgary