Shopping for food and merchandise is a part of everyday life for most of us. Open air markets across the globe offer many wonderful things, but why should we take advantage of these marketplaces? More specifically, why should we take advantage of the Regina Farmers’ Market (RFM)?


  • To support local farmers and their families
  • To protect the environment: farmers’ markets minimize waste and pollution
  • To invest in local and economic communities
  • To know where your food comes from
  • To connect with people and the community
  • To get outside and enjoy the season

RDBIDventures gave me the chance to speak with the Regina Farmers’ Market Marketing Coordinator: Mya Bilinski-Templeton. Here are some of her words of wisdom and what the Regina Farmers’ Market is all about!

How did COVID impact the Regina Farmers’ Market (RFM)?

We have learned about the instability of life, of everything really, but we have also learned that we can and need to lean on each other. Together we can create sustainability. The pandemic hindered the RFM in our operations, as it did everything, but we have worked hard together and have kept the local products as available as possible – as a collective, as a team!

How has the public response been for the Summer 2022 reopening of our open air market in Downtown Regina?

It is and I think it will continue to be different for everyone. We are so grateful to everyone who makes the market a part of their Wednesday and Saturday mornings. A scheduled event like our open-air market becomes a novelty routine and definitely a pleasure during our Saskatchewan summers. We want everyone to do what makes them feel most safe and if that is wearing a mask to the markets or contacting your favourite vendors to organize alternative options, then we hope there is a way for everyone to access what they need.

Where is the RFM held?

The market is held on the Pat Fiacco Plaza in downtown Regina – the north side of Victoria Park.

Who and what can you find at the market?

We have so many people with products and stands at the RFM. The link below will introduce you to the people and their wonderful products that are designed, made, baked and grown here in Saskatchewan!

What words do you have for the public?

We work as a collective here at The RFM. It is an amazing team to be a part of. We are all working together trying to help one another out. We realize that we are a part of a community with differing levels of abundance for varying reasons.  It’s such a pleasure to be downtown and enjoy the summers in this city!

Is there anything that you would like to highlight about RFM?

We are super grateful to everyone that takes part in The Regina Farmers’ Market. We want to offer a safe, enjoyable and comfortable space for people to enjoy and we hope that shows. The Regina Farmers’ Market has been around for a long time and wouldn’t be possible without our customers from near and far.

We love the entrepreneur style mentality of our vendors and all the local individuals who are so creative in their work. There is so much variety at RFM. The market offers so many cool and unique things from live bees to worldly textiles to handmade crafts and foods including seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. I really believe it’s the vibrancy of our vendors and their products that speak for themselves. There are some great food trucks too that provide delicious breakfasts and lunches! We also have community groups that are involved in the many projects and events happening here downtown: Regina Open Door Society, Ranch Ehrlo, Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association as well as the Regina Public Library who all provide educational pieces for the public and help everyone get involved in the community!

Do you have a calendar of events?

Our social media pages that will be tagged at the bottom are always updated on what vendors are coming to which markets. Every Tuesday and Friday between 3:00 to 6:00 pm there is a map posted with a list of vendors as well as a social media post that tags all of the vendors who will be attending the next day’s market.

What are the hours for RFM?

Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (until October 8th, 2022).

Where will the winter market be located this year?

Hmm, the winter market? Please stay tuned and check in with us at RFM as well as on our social media platforms for future news and info!

How can people contact you?

You can email or call (306) 210 – 0103. You can also stop by our info tent when we are running our markets on Wednesdays or Saturdays!

Please check out our website page: 

Or you can find us on social media platforms:

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I often think summer in Saskatchewan should get a speeding ticket – it goes by too fast!

Join us at the Pat Fiacco Plaza, and tell us what you like best at the Regina Farmers’ Market!



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