Only in Italy, eh? Ma non è vero! Ci sono motorini anche qui a Regina (But that’s not true! There are mopeds here in Regina!), and although many people still associate scooters or mopeds as an Italian cultural icon of carefree driving, Ben Quattrini, owner of The Shoppe (an upscale candy, cotton candy, ice-cream shop) on Scarth Street, has brought these electric mini-mopeds to Downtown Regina because, as his staff exclaims, “He added a spark and some fun to a sweet summer experience in Saskatoon and felt it was a great opportunity for the Queen City too.”

The Shoppe’s twenty available scooters are now ready to rent in Regina until the end of September 2022 which could be extended into October – weather permitting.


Those who are 14 to 17 years old must be authorized by an adult (18 or older) who will then be liable as well as demonstrate maturity of property. Renters ages 18 and older are legal and can sign for themselves. No riders under the age of 14.


Any day of the week – 10am to 9pm.


  • $50 damage deposit (single user or one per group booking)
  • Helmet for each user which can be rented for $5 per helmet (or BYO safety helmet)

Do we need proof of ID?



  • One hour = $29
  • Two hours = $49
  • Day rate = $79 unlimited with same day scheduling and usage (10am to 9pm)

Where can you go with this moped?

  • These vehicles can be driven within Regina’s limits and they cannot be driven on city sidewalks.
  • The machine is considered a vehicle, and the driver should respect and obey all traffic rules according to the Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook.
  • Only ONE person is allowed on the scooter at a time.

Can you book as a group activity?

  • One deposit of $50 for a group but each person must sign individually.

What happens if we go over the hour time limit?

Simply pay the exact cost when you get back!

How do you book?

  • Book your e-Scooter in person at The Shoppe on 1846 Scarth Street – Downtown Regina.

Other info The Shoppe would like to add for the future moped users?

  • Sunny afternoons and evenings tend to be busy, so book in person or online to avoid disappointment.
  • A fully charged moped battery lasts up to three hours, so if you have it out for the day, you will need to come back to recharge or replace with another moped to go again!
  • Make sure you have a device (phone) on you for necessary communications, emergency or technical difficulties.



Can you choose a colour?

At The Shoppe you can choose both colours and candy flavours!

  • Mopeds: red, orange, white & grey!
  • Candy floss: birthday cake, bubble gum, blue-raspberry, piña colada, watermelon and grape!
  • Gourmet gelato bars & candies? Come on in and see for yourselves!

Not only do Quattrini and his staff offer products that are unique to the market in an inclusive, welcoming, very pink and picture-worthy location, they have added an amazing and unique experience to the heart of our city – keeping things upbeat, moving and vibrant for the summer of 2022!

Divertitevi e buon viaggio! Grazie. (Have fun and have a good trip! Thank you!)


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