The word cenotaph is derived from the Greek phrase kenos taphos which means “empty tomb”. A cenotaph is a monument (sometimes in the form of a tomb) and is dedicated to a person or group of persons who are buried somewhere else. It typically commemorates those who have died in war.

Many cities across the globe display a cenotaph. As a tourist, I have seen and visited many: Lloydminster (Alberta), Hobart (Tasmania, Australia), Rome (Italy), London (England), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France)… and then I came home – to Regina,  and realized that our city has a cenotaph too! It is a beautiful monument located in downtown Victoria Park.

The monument is a significant and historical centre. In 1926,  the cenotaph replaced the ornamental water fountain which is in the middle of the city’s public park. The monument was unveiled on Armistrice Day – November 11th,1926 – now known in Canada (since 1931) as Remembrance Day and it recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of Canadian veterans. There was a rededication in 1990 to honour the Regina citizens who died in the Second World War as well as in the Korean War.

From an aerial view, the cenotaph in our city resembles a wheel with eight spokes that spread from the centre of Victoria Park and guide pedestrians to every direction of Downtown Regina.

The cenotaph signifies peace to the men and women who died in service. It helps us remember and revere the military personnel. It gives them rest.

To me, the rungs are also radiating footpaths. When I walk through Victoria Park, which is quite often, I imagine I am a tourist in my hometown. The whole centre takes on a new air as I venture out with a different vision where I witness my downtown in new ways.

For the month of July, RDBIDventures will be featuring eight different aspects of daily life that revolve around our city cenotaph.



Feature # Focus Title
#1 Fashion Fashion from the Sole
#2 Beauty Nails By Kelly
#3 Art In the Art-chitecture of the City
#4 Food A National Canadian Dish
#5 Fitness Uniting Mind and Body
#6 Sweet(s) I scream!
#7 Shopping Outdoor Market: Regina Farmers’ Market
#8 Street Culture Culinary Celebrations – Connections to Culture



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