ComicReaders Illustrates Importance of Community 

Over the next several weeks on the blog, we’ll check in on our downtown business neighbours to catch up and reconnect. We’ll see what’s new, and what’s stayed the same.

This week, we dropped in on ComicReaders and Chad Boudreau, one of the owners of the downtown business that specializes in comic books, graphic novels, board games and more

Chad has cultivated close relationships with his regular customers these 8 years downtown – not an unusual relationship for Regina retailers, really. And while we all miss dropping in on our favourite shops, Chad says that ComicReaders’ patrons have adapted to curbside pickup with ease. They’ve also had new customers come their way. “In those initial weeks at home, we saw folks asking for puzzles and other items to help pass the time.” says Chad.

ComicReaders’ most significant change has been postponing their in-store events. Restricting the number of people in the store, and following the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s recommendations on social gatherings has left their community building a bit limited. “There’s no replacing that.” says Chad. Where does the game room fit in the Reopen Saskatchewan plan? “We’re figuring that out,” says Chad. “Staff and players need to feel safe and that’s our priority.” As the summer plays out, and Saskatchewan reopens further, time will tell, and ComicReaders’ customers will be there when the time comes. 

Chad’s advice to other business owners is this: “What kept me going in those really tough moments was that we were not alone. Other retailers are facing the same challenges, so you know your struggles are not just your own. You can ask for advice, and they will understand. We also met some great people in the associations that serve our business community, who were available with support and resources,” said Chad. “I would say to other business owners: get involved. If we had not reached out, we would not have had those resources.”

This summer, spend some sunny days with us downtown. Here’s to you, Regina, and to continued safe and optimistic reopening.

Virtual tour of ComicReaders Downtown

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