Fresh & Sweet Break(fast)s it Down

This week on the blog, we’re checking in on Fresh & Sweet who breaks it aaaaaall down for us. From shut down to reopening this is what the gals – Beata Kowalski, Allie Sweet, Tania Fraser and Gerda Klyne – have going on. 

Fresh & Sweet, known for its amazing breakfasts, coffee, cupcakes and fresh lunches; and, more recently, Fresh Carnival – home to fun fair food like poutine, doughnuts and milkshakes – are downtown staples located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and McIntyre Street.

We were curious about what their adapted days looks like in the kitchen and dining room. After more than a decade downtown and 18+ years in the business of food – AMAZING! – Beata gives us a glimpse inside their biz and how they have switched things up.


“Every day is its own adventure. I feel like we’ve gone through the ‘regular season’ of the pandemic and now we’re into the ‘semi-finals’. Everybody is re-opening – but we don’t really know how to be, how to exist, what to expect. It’s constant learning,” Beata said.


With restos running at 50% capacity (plus social distancing, Beata reminds us), regulars will see some changes in the Fresh & Sweet and Fresh Carnival spaces. 

“The main dining room is different; there are just eight tables, and a space at each table to serve from. You’ll see stickers on the floor and hand sanitizer when you enter,” she explained. “BUT, we are also trying to maintain some normalcy. We still want to be that place you’ve always loved to hang out.”

The gals at Fresh & Sweet have some big love for their friends, too. 

“Our regulars have continued to support us, and we’ve had new customers come to us through delivery service as well,” Beata said, adding they’ve also surprised themselves at their own efficiency. “We’ve been able to break everything down – we can change anything we want to – we looked within our team, and redefined how we wanted to operate, Perspective is a great teacher.”

Welcome back! Your Fresh & Sweet favourites are waiting for you, downtown. 


Fresh & Sweet / Fresh Carnival
100 – 2500 Victoria Avenue


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Insta: freshandsweet AND fresh_carnival


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