Güd Eats Gets in Güd with Regina 

Chris Cole: Dreamer. Entrepreneur. Vegan. Pretty simple recipe for something awesome, right? It really is that simple. That mantra of simplicity is the basic recipe for Regina’s only all vegan fast-food restaurant, Güd Eats, in the middle of downtown Regina. It’s brand new, and it’s serving something new to people in Regina, who – as it turns out – are clamouring for Güd Eats’, well… good eats. 

“Regina was ready for us,” Chris said. 

The dream started in 2017 when Chris found himself coming home at day’s end from a conventional restaurant career feeling like life needed a new direction. Together, he and his partner decided to make a go of launching a food truck where they could serve vegan menu dishes inspired by their own creativity and without the internal moral dilemma of walking and working two different paths.

“It’s an easy menu,” Chris said. Burgers, salads, bowls, sammies and tacos top the list for those craving something plant-based, but also comfortable. All of the dishes on the menu are made with all natural whole-food derived ingredients complete with sustainable, cruelty-free food options.

The Güd Eats’ food truck pivoted from four wheels to bricks and mortar first in Saskatoon, and most recently to their first space in downtown Regina this March.

“It’s been a trip!” Chris said. 

Conceptualization became development and then straight into the food life hustle. Renovations started in Regina late in 2019. They hired staff. They did everything you do when you start a foray into the most risk-fraught industry there is.

Twenty minutes into their first group training, the management group moved to close everything down for pandemic safety.

That was March 16, 2020.

April called for serious risk taking; would they open up anyway? How could they adapt to get out there in spite of the pandemic?

Chris and the management group made some pretty quick – and slick – moves to make Güd Eats available through all food delivery apps. Almost overnight they were on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and Door Dash. They had everything except open doors. 

On April 29, they welcomed back a small staff with really strict rules. 

“You were either in quarantine or at work. We operated like a ghost kitchen,” Chris said. “Regina showed us a lot of love right off the bat. We came to know names on takeout receipts and they became our regulars. Now we can put their faces to names.” 

Located on Smith Street just south of the intersection of Smith and 11th Avenue, Güd Eats is certainly putting in the hard work. 

“Regina has given us great customers, a hard working staff, and good consistent product,” Chris said 

Go on down and get the güds at Güd Eats.

Güd Eats

1810 Smith Street



Twitter: @gudeatsca

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