Lush Beauty Spa

1956 Hamilton Street

Originally starting as a nail salon in Downtown Toronto, owners of Lush Beauty Spa decided to franchise into the Regina market opening two different locations – one in the south end and another in downtown Regina. 

Lush Beauty Spa in downtown Regina officially opened in March 2020. Spa manager, Huyen Anh Bui relocated from Toronto to manage the new storefront on Hamilton Street. They are currently operating with four employees and offer nails, waxing and eye lash lift and extensions.

The company owner decided to expand into Regina when she felt that she was struggling to find a salon in the city that provided quality customer service without feeling rushed. “Other salons don’t focus on the aesthetics of the space and make it feel like somewhere you want to spend time,” says Bui. 

Operating by the slogan “come for the nails, stay for the experience,” Lush Beauty Spa strives to create a unique experience for its customers. “We focus on the quality of the experience. We don’t want to rush to gain as many customers as possible. It’s important that we build personal connections to our customers and remember them and their story. Every single customer is important to us despite their background,” says Bui. 

While the salon officially opened this past March, shortly afterwards they had to close for over two months due to Covid-19. “Business has been slow, but we are trying to get back to business the best we can. We use a lot of precautions so guests feel safe such as single use tools and both sanitation and sterilization.” They even began offering discounts to both seniors and front line workers. 

Not only does the quality of their work and overall experience set them apart, but unlike other salons, they don’t use acrylic products. Instead they use bio-gel, which is a healthier option for both the customers and employees, and CND shellac polishes. They also carry NuRevolution polish if you’re searching for a vegan option. 

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